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5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!

Discover 5 simple steps that will help you manage, motivate and retain great staff while attracting the best staff ever! It's a fine balancing act but Julie Bartkus makes it happen!


Hi. I'm Julie. I've been dedicated to transforming child care programs for over 20 years!


Over 20 years ago I walked into my first child care program. The owners heard me speak at an event and they wanted answers on what specifically they need to do to have a more motivated staff. They wanted specific steps and a direction to head.

So I sat down with every member of the team - from the bus drivers to the owners - asking them the same questions including:

What motivates you in the workplace and what drains your motivation? I continued this process with child care programs across the globe and I formulated my 5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff. 

Helping you attract, hire, motivate and retain the team of your dreams is my passion. Not only do I help leaders create a team who is happy together but I help them become truly and authentically happy themselves.

Ready for a transformation? It is absolutely possible!