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Start Attracting Staff Today (Transformational Exercise)

attract staff Nov 25, 2020

Do you believe that you can attract a person to you?

Perhaps you've done it in the past...

But what about staff? Can you attract staff members when you need them?

The logical side of your mind might be thinking: "Well, if I could they would be here." While the feeling or intuitive side of your mind is saying: "Absolutely!"

I want to help you tap into your ability to attract situations and people to you to help you bring your vision to life.


I remember the first time I was thinking about attraction and wondering if I can really attract situations and even people to myself. It was many years ago. I was thinking about this old high school friend of mine. I was reflecting on the times we shared and imagining I was back in that time period with her. I was wearing 4 different earings and had on a bright pink shirt. We were at a Wham concert dancing the night away. OK, I was doing most of the dancing because she had a neck brace on at the time due to a recent back surgery. I remember it like yesterday - she used her situation as a way to go up and stand right at the edge of the stage. Yup, she stood there right at George Michael's feet.

She was a huge fan and spent lots of time fantasizing about this moment. It was so easy to take myself back in time and be with her again. I felt her presence and often wondered about her as we lost contact throughout the years.

Well, about a week later I ran into her mom who reconnected us. I thought to myself: that's weird... I was just thinking about her.

Have you ever had that happen to you?

This wasn't the only time I realized I had the power to attract people. It's happened with other friends, old boyfriends and these days - some of the nicest people ever!

The truth is we're always attracting things to us. Whether it's good or bad.

It happens with material things too! Maybe you've experienced this....

After my husband passed away in 2012, I started thinking about getting a new car and found myself at a Chevy dealership. The salesman was hot about the new 2013 Chevy Malibu. He insisted we go for a drive. I said: ok, let's do it. I was impressed and I liked the car. I thought to myself: I don't really see many of these cars out there. This might be a unique vehicle to have. The salesman said: go ahead take the car home for the long holiday weekend - and so I did!

I got in the car, new car smell and all. You know what I mean? It was fully loaded and I loved getting into the car and looking at the moon and the stars as the wind blew through my hair from the moon roof. Loved the feeling I had when driving it.

I went back to the dealership and made it official - the car was mine. I owned it and the experience it gave me - even before I bought it!

But something strange happened after I signed on the dotted line.

Can you imagine what it was? Maybe you've had this experience too!!

After I bought the car, I started seeing Chevy Malibus everywhere! Seriously. Traveling to speaking engagements - when I parked my car at the airport - there was a Malibu. And there was another. There was even a time when I parked between 2 Malibus.

Since I was thinking about this car so much and now I was driving one, I started attracting them to me. I saw them everywhere and now my reality was shifted from seeing none of these cars to abundantly seeing them everywhere.

It's crazy (and amazing) how this world works. We're always in a state of attraction.

But here's the secret - we attract what we focus on and what we FEEL. And the activity of feeling is the secret sauce for attracting anything to yourself.

Here's the exercise I promised:

Ready for a little exercise to help you attract staff right now? And, please note: this works for anyone who you want to attract into your life.

Step 1: Get clear, really clear, on what you want this person to feel like to you. Make a drawing of a stick figure. Don't put a name or face on this figure. Instead, draw lines...energetic lines... flowing from this person's body. And on those lines write down all of the characteristics and qualities that you desire in your ideal, dreamy staff member. Don't judge what you write and don't say: That will never happen. Instead, just hold tight the phrase: It's possible.

Step 2: Write down a statement (as if it's already happened) that affirms you just received what you desire.

Statements such as:

I just received 10 amazing new job applicants and I can't wait to see who is a great fit for my vision!

-Or -

I am so excited about the 5 interviews I have scheduled this week!

*These statements are positive, affirming statements that move your mindset in the direction of the results you want to experience. SO IMPORTANT!

When you state these statements - let yourself imagine and really feel that what you're saying is true. Remember FEELING is the secret sauce.

Step 3: Take a picture of the stick figure and/or post your drawing up where you can see it often. Let yourself engage with it several times a day. Feel like this person is here or coming any day now and state: I can't wait to meet you! OR - I look forward to you working for me!

Don't worry about the HOW it's going to happen. Put your focus totally on the "why" you desire it to happen!

Step 4: Refrain from saying anything negative to anyone about your staffing situation! This is tough! But your words are a clear indication of your mindset and if your mindset is focused on the negative - what are you going to attract to yourself? That's right - you'll get more of what you don't want.

Step 5: Express gratitude for all of the dreamy people who are in your life and have been in your life in the past. Make a list and write down what it is that you are so grateful for with each person. You can take action and write out thank you cards, etc. But the most important thing here is to be really grateful and to stay in the mindset of gratitude for all of the dreamy people in your life that you've already attracted.

Does this get you started?

I hope so!

Feel free to leave a comment and make yourself be accountable to me that you're going to take action on these steps. I can't wait to hear from you!

My clients who have implemented these steps have experienced magic happen in their lives.

*49 applicants in a weekend

*Job candidates walking in off the street looking for a job

*9 highly qualified job applicants applying for a position where there were zero before

*Job candidates showing up for interviews

*The most amazing people ever applying for jobs

...and the list goes on!

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you attract the most amazing staff members ever!!

Your transformation awaits!


Julie Bartkus

Transforming workplaces for over 20 years!

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