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Attract 80% Higher Quality Child Care Staff and Increase Your Pool of Candidates by at Least 30%! (Video)

attract staff child care video Oct 19, 2022

Your Child Care Business Success is dependent on your people!

A message from Julie Bartkus, Child Care Business Success Mentor and Workplace Transformationalist...

This is too good not to share!

Yesterday I had a group coaching call and the successes were blowing me away!

From implementing the strategies that I teach in my Total Team Transformation System and Coaching Program one leader re-wrote her help wanted ad and got a 50-60% higher  response rate from her AD - AND - she attracted 80% higher quality staff than normal!

While another leader reported that she got 30% more candidates applying for a job with her program after  she implemented the strategies I teach! WOW!!! 

I had to make this video for you to share how you can get started with transforming your results. Too often I hear child care owners and directors talk about there not being enough...not enough staff...not enough money...not enough time.

In this video I share a BIG strategy with you when it comes to increasing the quantity of quality people who you attract.

The secret is to write your help wanted ads from a place of inspiration...not fear and desperation. When we write from fear and desperation we attract the wrong people and situations to us.

If you want more, you're invited to come and be part of my Total Team Transformation System and Coaching Program. Here's the link: 

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Happy Together: 5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff!

You won't want to miss this!

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