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Can you attract staff to you when needed?

attract staff video Oct 19, 2022

It was late at night and I was wind blown when the inspiration hit me to talk to you about attracting staff members (and people) into your life when needed.

Some of my clients state that when this process starts to work for them it's like magic. Potential new staff start showing up from no where. 

What I revel in is my own ability to attract people - amazing people into my life and how I have people who show up all the time saying:

Julie, I love what you are doing...let me know if you need help. 
I'd love to work for you!

I'm always thankful for the reminder that there is such an abundance in our world if we reach out and open our hearts to the belief system that dictates: It's possible. It's possible. 

But too many people, and maybe even you, let limitations, stress and anxiety guide them.

There's simply a better, more powerful way to live and manage your child care program. 

So after being wind blown here in the Chicagoland area - I sat down and recorded a little video for you. I will add that I just came from eating some of the yummiest pizza in the area!

Here's the video:

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward  to stepping into a new energetic zone of:

It's possible!

...with you:)  

Julie Bartkus


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