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Is your child care business struggling because of staff?

Not enough staff... not the right staff...

Call Outs... no shows... both are so frustrating. And if it's an interview candidate who's a no-show it can be absolutely heartbreaking!!

Typically when these things happen our minds default to a certain place... a place that affirms what everyone else is saying in this industry is true.

-->There's not enough staff...
-->Everyone is dealing with this issue...
-->It's an industry-wide problem...

These thoughts (and more) make you feel hopeless. Can you relate? 

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Attract Your Dreamy Staff

Right now, even when everyone else is struggling to find staff - you can be the one who attracts and retains the team of your dreams! End no-shows and hire people who are your people! You get that...right?

Detox Your Workplace

A toxic workplace culture is one of the top reasons employees leave. With Julie, you can experience a detox while attracting new staff. It's a fine balancing act that we'll lead you through every step of the way!

Feel Happy and Hopeful

Let's end the feelings of frustration, burnout and stress from not having people show up for you in the way you'd like them to... in the way you need them to so you can bring your vision to life!


You've got unique challenges. I get it...

I walked into my first child care program as a consultant over 20 years ago. It was a beautiful multi-site center with heated floors in the baby room a keurig machine (before they were cool) for staff and so many other perks. Yet, their team was not motivated. They were struggling with retention, callouts and no-shows. They had gossip, drama, and negativity.

They wanted answers. So I made it my mission to interview every single member on the team asking the question:

What motivates you in the workplace?


What drains your motivation?

I have answers. I know how to get you the results that you've been struggling to achieve by yourself. And I cannot wait to help you experience the transformation that you desire and most importantly deserve!

The good news is...when you partner with me, it can happen quicker than you ever thought possible. You're here, reading this for a reason, and I'm thrilled to learn more about you and start our journey together!

Rave Reviews...

"Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher-paying positions to be part of my vision."

To any child care owner or director who is thinking about working with Julie -- do it! Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher-paying positions to be part of my vision. With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life.

Mary Wardlaw, Owner

"We have such a positive vibe going on, we’re always attracting great people!"

We have such a great atmosphere right now that I didn’t have any turnover at the start of the school year, which has never happened before working with Julie! We have such a positive vibe going on, we’re always attracting great people! We attract people who want to be a part of what we have to offer even though we don’t pay as well as others or have benefits. And now – when people interview for a job, they try to sell me on why I should hire them!.

Katie Clinton, Executive Director

Julie's framework will allow you to shift your results from struggling with staff to having your dream team in place to bring your vision to life! You'll FEEL the difference (such a BIG difference) and Julie will celebrate with you every step of the way!

let's get started

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Personally connect with Julie on one of her upcoming live, virtual events! Ask your questions and get answers that will motivate you into taking action! This is a great forum to get to know Julie and her methodologies for transforming child care programs. Her strategies are clear and simple and will leave you wanting more! Need answers? 

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Need a framework to bring about change? This e-book is based on Julie's 5 simple steps to help you manage, motivate and retain great staff. You'll get a framework for transforming your team into one that is truly Happy Together - PLUS in the process, you'll become happier yourself! Re-ignite your joy and passion for your vision... your baby.

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This is your 

Time For a Transformation...

Is it time to fall back in love again with your child care program? Is it time to have more time for YOU (and your family)? Is it time to make staff motivation and creating the team of your dreams a truly joyous journey? Is it time to feel more hope and happiness yourself?

Let's face it an unmotivated team is costing you lots. Lots of money (owners) and lots of time. During one of my live events, we did a quick numbers calculation for a multi-site center and I encouraged the owners in the room to write down how much money is dripping out of their bucket every year due to to issues with staff. One owner stood up after completing the exercise and said - $1.6 million dollars! WOW - is what he exclaimed. It was a moment for a deep breath as many owners in the room said their numbers are way up there too! 

There are many reason to cultivate a positive, productive and dynamic workplace culture. I look forward to connecting and learning about yours! 

Happy Together: 5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Reatin Great Staff!

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