Reinvigorate a Culture of Success!

with Julie Bartkus

Growth Session

Fall back in love...

with your business

Gain the freedom...

that you desire in your life

Attract and Engage... 

the best

You project an image of success...

But do you feel like something is missing?

Could it be your own happiness?

It's hard to bring a powerful vision to life. That's why you went into business - right? To make your dreams happen and to "give birth" to an impactful service.

But in the process of building a team and creating success, you lost part of yourself. And when you lose sight of your vision and fail to feel the love for your business and team - things start to become harder than ever.

The good news is... you can fall back in love with your business, your life and your team and start to feel authentically and genuinely happy from the inside out.


But where do I start?

How about with a Leadership D.E.T.O.X.?

Re-connect With Your Passion

Your passion fuels your vision and when it gets lost, you feel drained. If you tend to focus on what everyone else wants from you, it just might be time to re-connect. 

Transform Your Energy

Escape the overwhelm that so many leaders get stuck in. If your energy shifts to a place of feeling hopeless with all that you have to do, get ready for a transformation!

Create Workplace Happiness

If your business is dependent on having really good staff in place, and it's been a struggle for you to attract, hire and retain the best - you're in the right place!

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Hi There!  I'm Julie Bartkus.

I've been working with leaders like you for over 20 years!

Broken teams have broken people and when they're given the right tools to heal - they can be your biggest asset. How do I know? Well, I was broken...

I remember the day I sat in the corner of a dark room with a book, flashlight, and a highlighter knowing that the time was NOW to change my life. I was in the process of a divorce, leaving an abusive relationship when the words I was reading by Norman Vincent Peale hit me like a ton of bricks. These words have never left me since I first read them: If you can change your thoughts, you can change your world.

Through this time in my life, I realized the impact that our words can have on others and I thought to myself: If I can impact other people with my words - that would be a life worth living. 

As I moved through various roles in leadership, I cultivated methodologies for healing broken teams and reinvigorating cultures of success by helping leaders first transform their own lives so they feel genuinely happy and in love with the business they created. It is from this place, truly dynamic, happy, and high-functioning teams are created.

Are you ready to onboard people who are on fire and inspired by the vision you're destined to bring to life? Ready to transform the team you have? Ready to reconnect with the heart of your business?

Let's chat!

Rave Reviews...

"Julie has reconnected me to the heart of my business and that is simply priceless!"

I had no idea when I signed up what an amazing journey lay in my immediate future.

Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher-paying positions to be part of my vision.

With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life in every area... The personalized approach Julie has is exactly what I need to push me through roadblocks and challenges and to continue to learn and grow.

Mary Warlaw, Owner

"One of the most transformational decisions I would make..."

Lost, broken, confused and ready to give up were just a few of the feelings I was experiencing, a little over a year ago. When I made the decision to work with Julie roughly 8 months ago I had no idea it would be one of the most transformational decisions I would make...I went from struggling to get a response to my ads to having people walk in off the street telling me they only wanted to work for me (usually at a lower pay rate than they currently were at)...all due to the strategies and counsel of Julie. Yet the most impactful and noticeable change was in me as an owner and my confidence in the future of my business. Working with Julie has guided me further than I could have ever imagined...

Tim Carter, Owner

Experience a Leadership D.E.T.O.X. and make a transformation happen quicker and more powerfully than you ever imagined!

let's get started


Discover Julie's DETOX Method during a LIVE sessionl! She'll answer the most common questions she gets from leaders who want to reinvigorate a culture of success. 

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You need to build a powerful team to bring your vision to life - right? But you're feeling stuck with the team you have in place. 

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This is your 

Time for a transformation...


Imagine...thinking about your business, thinking about your team and feeling energized and excited about the direction you're going and how everyone is growing.

Imagine coming into work in the morning being greeted with happy, smiling faces and reflecting true feelings of happiness right back at them.

Imagine that the toxic problems that once plagued your workplace and life are now replaced by solutions that team members are generating.

Imagine attracting amazing staff and retaining them for the long run. No more getting people in as quickly as possible only to see them run out the door.

Imagine... having a team who is grateful for all that you do for them. They are on fire and appreciate you... their best boss ever.

Imagine feeling happy and hopeful about your vision... about your life!

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