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On Fire and Ready To Hire Your Child Care Staff!

"Your help wanted ad spoke right to my heart!!" 

How awesome would it be to start attracting the right people to your child care program - hearing them exclaim that your ad just pulled them in? 

One of the things I love to work with Child Care Owners and Directors on is their help wanted ads (and their voice mail message and anything else that is a representation of their vision!!). When I worked as an Executive Recruiter I took great pride in getting the exact right people to respond to the job that needed to be filled. 

So what's the magic ingredient? 

Well, it goes back to what I shared with you in my last article about emotional connections. You have to be emotionally connected to your vision - then everything (everything!!!) flows from it. 

Here's something crucial to remember: 

It's the energy behind the intention that's going to  get you results with the action that you take to find your DREAMY people. Did you get that? It's so very important. It's your energy behind your  intention that gets you the result. 

If you feel fear or feel scared or desperate (common feelings) when hiring and when writing your ad, those are the results that are going to show up for you. Not your DREAMY people at all. 

Too often we look at other's help wanted ads. We think about the right words and the right interview process. But it can all be totally ineffective if your energy is in the wrong place. 

And I get it! It's tough not to feel fear and scarcity when it comes to hiring. That's the major thought that's reinforced in this industry. But you've got to break away from those thoughts being the dominate  thoughts in your mind when it comes to hiring and the hiring process especially if you want to experience new results. 

So before you write your next ad or speak to someone about your openings, put yourself in the most amazing energetic space you possibly can! 

Reflect on your vision (if your vision doesn't excite you, we need to talk and we need to talk soon!), let the enthusiasm take over your heart and soul and then write your help wanted ad...then go and have conversations with people about your limited openings. 

When you shift your thoughts and feelings you actually  can see opportunities that you couldn't see before.  I guess this is why my clients say I help them step into a whole new realm of possibilities that they didn't even know existed for themselves. I love, love, love when I hear this! 

Attracting someone to your child care program who is on fire and ready to be hired really requires the  same thing from you. You've got to be on fire and  ready to hire. 

Start by reading your help wanted ad. Does it inspire you? Would you want to work for you? Does it reflect the uniqueness that your child care program is made up of? 

Last week in Seattle - I took my child care owner students through an activity where we increased their energy around their vision...bringing it to life. Then, after being transformed to a new mental space they wrote their help wanted ads. The ads they wrote were inspiring and fun and engaging! I watched them go through this process with some intense secret enthusiasm brewing inside of me!! Because I know their programs will be transformed by the DREAMY people who they now attract! 

Good stuff - right?? 

I look forward to helping you create your positive, productive and profitable child care program and your DREAMY life!  

Oh and remember - - my book: Child Care Business Success is available on AMAZON!! YAY!! 

Julie Bartkus 

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