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Transform Mondays

6 Ways To Transform Mondays into Extraordinary Days



Mondays At Work

Transform Mondays into the day when all of your child care staff show up on time and ready to go!

This is not only about transforming Mondays but also about transforming Sundays! This is the day of the week when stress, frustration, and anxiety kicks in for child care leaders.

Well, I'm on a mission to help you make Mondays EXTRAordinary for you and your child care team. IMAGINE... your child care team looking forward to coming in on Monday. IMAGINE... you looking forward to coming in on Monday. IMAGINE...everyone showing up on time and ready to go!

How would that change your life as a child care leader?

It's important to understand that the process of transforming Mondays actually begins on Friday! There's something very powerful that you can do on Friday before you send your team home for the weekend that will set Mondays up to be totally different. I talk about these strategies in the full video training featured at Happy Together.

To get you started, download the Cheat Sheet and look at what you can change to transform the team dynamic and culture in your child care program.


Watch The Full Video Training

"Loved it!" "This session was on-fire!" Let's dig in right here and right and transform Monday! It's right around the corner and I'm telling you - you can make Mondays the day that every staff member looks forward to in your child care program! Ready for a transformation?

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