Attract, Hire and Retain a Motivated Team So You Can Grow and Be Free!

"95% of the success you'll experience in your business is dependent
on the people who you have in place to support it" - - Brian Tracy


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Meet Julie Bartkus...

My Story...

Hi There! I’m so happy you’re here because I have something to tell you! It’s my story about how I got to this place where I now have a blast helping people transform their workplaces and attract their people! (Their tribe! Their perfect vibe for the vision they want to bring to life.)

Sometimes we transform current staff (I love seeing people become the best versions of themselves) and sometimes we have to let go so our people can grow.

Either way I have a profound belief that you were given your vision for a reason and that all of the resources that you need to bring it to life are here for you. And yes, this means the people who you desire to support you are within your reach.

I'll be sharing teachings on this  with you through my articles and videos. In the meantime, here's a bit of my story...

I loved my job and got a promotion to start managing people. Easy! Right? I was in for a shock!

I stood there in shock after one of my staff members asked me if she could go out and get something to eat. And this was just after she punched in. I mean she worked for about 10 minutes and then told me how hungry she was. I was a young manager and was just promoted. I was clueless as to what I should say. I wanted her to be happy… not hungry. I wanted to do a really good job and wanted my team to want to be really good too. So what should I say to her? I didn’t know…

Want to know what I said? My district manager was not too happy with me!

I told her: “If you’re hungry after you punch in, maybe you should go work at a fast food place.” I said it nice. Really I did!

Weeks earlier I was exceling at my job when the district manager approached me and raved about what she saw in me and for me. She asked me if I’d like to have a greater impact in the workplace by taking a promotion which would mean managing a team. I thought to myself: How hard could that be? We show up. We work. We have some fun. I was wrong!

I soon discovered that leadership and getting people to do what they’re supposed to do was going to be a bit more challenging than I was led to believe. When I took the promotion, I was told where I could eat my lunch and what my other privileges were but there was no training on how to manage and motivate a team.

I survived and thrived in spite of execution style firings, divorce and years later widowhood...

As I moved into my next role in corporate America I was faced with constant change and witnessed execution style firings. In my eight years in corporate, I had over 12 supervisors. It was at this moment that I became absolutely fascinated with help teams navigate through tremendous change. I paid attention to the supervisors who motivated and inspired their teams and the ones who were really ineffective…. the ones people rolled their eyes at and talked about behind their backs.

After going through a terrible divorce and being positively impacted by the words of so many motivational speakers, I decided that I wanted to leave my job and share with others my findings about staff motivation, team morale and workplace culture.

The biggest power source you have to grow and be free in your business is your ability to attract amazing people when you need them...

With every workplace I was contracted to transform I asked every single level of staff what motivates you in the workplace and what drains your motivation. In my twenty plus years of being a workplace transformationalist, I have identified over 30 specific things that drains employees of their motivation. *Be sure to sign up for my Workplace Detox Newsletter as I'll be sharing transformational information!

I have also realized that the biggest source of power that small business owners can tap into at any given time is their own ability to attract amazing people to themselves as needed. I firmly believe that you should never let the success of your business be dependent on one person!

These days I love first and foremost helping my clients attract the people they desire to be a part of their team. We shift their results dramatically to where they move from getting no job applicants or no-shows at interviews to getting 49 job applicants in one weekend.

It fascinates me to see how quickly my clients attract the right people to support their vision. So far the quickest reported time is within 2 hours of a training session with me. And this owner, was struggling for over 2 years!

On a side note...

I’m a sucker for a fabulous sunset. I’ve been known to chase them and capture a photo!

I LOVE flowers, kombucha, bike riding and dancing. Oh and pizza. I am a Chicago gal - so pizza is my fav!

I am a step-mom and a widow and so very passionate about LOVE and fully living life and seeing your dreams come true.

I am very spiritual and not religious.

I prefer tea over coffee and totally enjoy seeing you transform your dream into your reality.

I can be found:

1. Speaking to large and small sized groups.

2. Writing articles and books (Like my best-selling amazon book: Child Care Business Success.

3. Coaching my clients

4. Transforming lives

AND I can’t forget...

5. Cuddling on the couch with my cat named Kat

6. Dancing up a storm on the dance floor

7. Meeting up with a special group of “forever friends” I’ve known since kindergarten.

8. Indulging in chocolate (It’s healthy - right?)

9. And I can't forget moonlit swims in one of my favorite lakes!

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Amazing staff began to walk in off the street to be a part of my vision...

I had no idea when I signed up what an amazing journey lay in my immediate future.

Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher paying positions to be part of my vision.

With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life in every area... The personalized approach Julie has is exactly what I need to push me through roadblocks and challenges and to continue to learn and grow.

Julie has reconnected me to the heart of my business and that is simply priceless!.
- - Mary Wardlaw, Owner

We have attracted some of the best staff members possible...

Investing in Julie’s programs was the BEST decision I made.

Julie has this incredible insight to be able to look at a business and communicate the specific action steps that need to be taken to create an excellent culture including a motivated team.

Since working with Julie we have attracted some of the best staff members possible.
- - Tami Nix, Owner

One of the most transformational decisions I would make...

Lost, broken, confused and ready to give up were just a few of the feelings I was experiencing, a little over a year ago. When I made the decision to work with Julie roughly 8 months ago I had no idea it would be one of the most transformational decisions I would make...I went from struggling to get a response to my ads to having people walk in off the street telling me they only wanted to work for me (usually at a lower pay rate than they currently were at)...all due to the strategies and counsel of Julie. Yet the most impactful and noticeable change was in me as an owner and my confidence in the future of my business. Working with Julie has guided me further than I could have ever imagined...
- - Tim Carter, Owner