Start Attracting Staff Today (Transformational Exercise)

attract staff Nov 25, 2020

Do you believe that you can attract a person to you?

Perhaps you've done it in the past...

But what about staff? Can you attract staff members when you need them?

The logical side of your mind might be thinking: "Well, if I could they would be here." While the feeling or intuitive side of your mind is saying: "Absolutely!"

I want to help you tap into your ability to attract situations and people to you to help you bring your vision to life.


I remember the first time I was thinking about attraction and wondering if I can really attract situations and even people to myself. It was many years ago. I was thinking about this old high school friend of mine. I was reflecting on the times we shared and imagining I was back in that time period with her. I was wearing 4 different earings and had on a bright pink shirt. We were at a Wham concert dancing the night away. OK, I was doing most of the dancing because she had a neck brace on at the time due to a recent back surgery. I...

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