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"95% of the success you'll experience in your business is dependent
on the people who you have in place to support it" - - Brian Tracy


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Attracting Staff

Do you often find yourself thinking: there are no good candidates out there? Perhaps you place a Help Wanted Ad and get little response or if you do get some response - they're the wrong people. 

Hiring and On-boarding 

Did you hire right this time or are you stuck in a repeating pattern of hiring the same types of people? People who in one way or another let you down.

Motivating and Retaining

Do you ever feel like you have to police or control your staff? Perhaps you continuously think about incentives for them...trying and hoping they'll be happy and motivated.

Attract people you need when you need them...

Without a specific process in place to attract the right people from the start - you’ll be stuck in a repeating pattern of hiring the same types of people over and over again. It doesn’t matter where you’re placing your Help Wanted Ads. If the energy behind those ads is an energy of fear and desperation, you’ll get results that leave you feeling the same. Let’s shift your results and raise the bar on the type of candidates you attract.

"Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher-paying positions to be part of my vision. With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life in every area."

Mary Wardlaw, Owner

"It’s so amazing to go to work not fearing what’s going to happen throughout the day. It’s just really a peaceful feeling knowing I can attract people when I need them. I went from people not showing up for interviews or turning over pretty quickly to being able to connect with people on a deep level through my vision and mindset. Even my help-wanted ads blow people away now because there’s so much connection built into them with what I’ve learned in working with Julie."

Cindy Andrews, Owner

Hire people who are who they say they are...

The hiring process is one that should be evolving and growing as you and your business grows and evolves. The process needs to be personalized to your hiring patterns and ideal candidate attributes. The temptation is big to look at the interview questions everyone else is asking and to ask those questions, but the best results come from creating and tailoring your interview questions and hiring process to your specific needs and patterns.

Engage a motivated team with the vision you desire to bring to life...

Processes and systems are needed to actively engage your staff on a daily basis. How do you get them to feel just as alive with your vision as you do?How do you get them to the place where they are on-fire about what you're creating? It's not about dangling another "carrot" in front of their face, hoping and wishing they'll change. It's about being able to take time away without worry - knowing that your team has got your back and that you've set them up to be successful in their work with you.

"We have such a great atmosphere right now that I didn’t have any turnover at the start of the school year, which has never happened before working with Julie! We have such a positive vibe going on, we’re always attracting great people! We attract people who want to be a part of what we have to offer even though we don’t pay as well as others or have benefits. And now – when people interview for a job, they try to sell me on why I should hire them!

Katie Clinton, Executive Director

"I used to fall victim to the "not enough" mindset. There just isn't enough staff... Now,I love going to work now. I have a great team of people that support my vision, I have so many candidates I really get to choose who I hire (and I have an awesome new hiring process). I'm learning how to support my staff and help them grow, and I'm only working 3 days a week. Life is good!"

Teresa Bahr, Owner

Eliminate drama, negativity, gossip, complaining, blaming and low morale...

Transforming your current workplace culture to be a supportive and motivating workplace is crucial to attracting and hiring your ideal people. The more you tolerate with your current staff, the longer you’ll be delayed in finding your ideal, dreamy staff. Staff who don't judge each other...staff who cheers for each other and staff who authentically want to see each other succeed is what you deserve!  

Meet Julie Bartkus...


Hi! I'm Julie Bartkus!

When I started transforming workplaces over 20 years ago I was driven by a curiosity that led me to ask every level of staff on a team: What motivates you in the workplace and what drains your motivation? I found that there are over 30 things that commonly cause staff to be de-motivated.

I partner with hands-on business owners (who often feel like their business is their baby) to help them eliminate these things from their workplace culture and experience a personal transformation that results in a workplace transformation. 

I've survived execution style firings as a manager and as a consultant and speaker have help organizations navigate through tremendous change. In my personal life, I've been divorced and years later widowed. I use my experiences and insight to propel owners out of "a stuck mindset"  to where they feel rejuvenated and excited about their business and their life once again. 

I take a holistic approach in my work and tap into the universal laws to help my clients attract their ideal staff in record time. To me, this is where the true power lies for you and your business - knowing how to attract people you need when you need them. Just imagine if you were able to do this!

I look forward to getting to know you and to helping you create the lifestyle (time, money and freedom) that you desire and most importantly deserve! And the life you want... it's possible when you got the right people in place to support you! 

“Ok- I’m a believer!

Within an hour of my call with Julie, I got the most PERFECT candidate!!

This is for a job we have been trying to fill off/on for 2 years.”

Heather M., Owner

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Julie will evaluate where you are, help you see where you're stuck and open the gateways for abundance to come into your life. It starts with having the right people in place to support your vision but the transformation continues and impacts our clients in a very personal way.

Yes, Julie I want to get started!


Amazing staff began to walk in off the street to be a part of my vision...

I had no idea when I signed up what an amazing journey lay in my immediate future.

Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher paying positions to be part of my vision.

With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life in every area... The personalized approach Julie has is exactly what I need to push me through roadblocks and challenges and to continue to learn and grow.

Julie has reconnected me to the heart of my business and that is simply priceless!.
- - Mary Wardlaw, Owner

We have attracted some of the best staff members possible...

Investing in Julie’s programs was the BEST decision I made.

Julie has this incredible insight to be able to look at a business and communicate the specific action steps that need to be taken to create an excellent culture including a motivated team.

Since working with Julie we have attracted some of the best staff members possible.
- - Tami Nix, Owner

One of the most transformational decisions I would make...

Lost, broken, confused and ready to give up were just a few of the feelings I was experiencing, a little over a year ago. When I made the decision to work with Julie roughly 8 months ago I had no idea it would be one of the most transformational decisions I would make...I went from struggling to get a response to my ads to having people walk in off the street telling me they only wanted to work for me (usually at a lower pay rate than they currently were at)...all due to the strategies and counsel of Julie. Yet the most impactful and noticeable change was in me as an owner and my confidence in the future of my business. Working with Julie has guided me further than I could have ever imagined...
- - Tim Carter, Owner

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